There is no exaggeration when I say All Are Worthy has the Dream Team serving with our students each week! We have a group of 9 leaders who dedicate their time to not only serving in small groups on Wednesday nights, but who love our students and choose to walk through life with them on a weekly basis. This group is so incredible and I want everyone to know just how incredible they are! Meet our leaders:

CLINT DULANY – My husband and forever partner in ministry. Clint works full-time in the business world, but devotes every bit of his free time to loving young people, showing up for them and supporting me in every way!  His level of care, kindness, patience and wisdom is unmatched! Everyone needs Clint in their life 🙂

TYREN MCNEAR – A junior at UT majoring in business. He brings joy and laugher to EVERY space he enters into. He loves people deeply and has a contagious energy! He is a leader and has a heart for making an impact in his community. Tyren is also our first AAW Program and Student Relations Intern. He will be working with me part-time helping plan for high school ministry and creating young adult programs.

MEKHI CARTER – A junior/senior at UT majoring in computer science. The definition of a leader and influencer. When he walks in a room, everyone wants to know him and be known by him! He has the ability to build relationships with and connect with anyone. He has a heart to serve those who are overlooked and undervalued. Mekhi leads not by being the loudest voice in the room, but through leading and loving by example.

MAGGIE ROARK – A mom of two beautiful boys, full-time student at UT majoring in business, and the owner of her own small business called Maggie Mae’s Cakes. Her gifts are endless, but her passion for people is what inspires me the most. Maggie makes every person she meets feel seen, valued, welcomed and loved right where they are! We are so lucky to have Maggie pouring into our high school girls each week!

KVAUGHN TYSON – A young entrepreneur who also works full-time at UPS. I have never met anyone who is more driven or who works harder than Kvaughn. He never meets a stranger and can build relationships with people from all walks of life! He is always fun and is always pushing those around him to be the very best versions of themselves. Kvaughn works so hard, but is dedicated to serving his community and makes time to love and serve our young people each week!

** I have known Tyren, Mekhi, Maggie and Kvaughn since they were in middle school at Alcoa! They were a part of the youth group I was in charge of and played huge leadership roles then. They are some of my most favorite people on the planet and there is no question they are going to be successful in whatever they choose to do and will change the world! Serving alongside them has been my MOST favorite part of this AAW journey! **

MADJOEL DOUGLASS – An incredible friend, leader, mentor and former colleague. He has had almost 10 years of ministry experience in many different capacities and he is currently serving at YOKE Ministries as the Area Director for the city of Knoxville. Madjoel is such a valuable part of this organization and we are hoping to bring him on full-time as soon as possible!

ARIEL KAYLOR – A close friend and former colleague. Works full-time at the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance as a CNP Programs Manager. She is kind, compassionate, fun and is a huge advocate of justice and inclusion for all people! The way she loves and serves people is inspiring and I hope to work alongside her again in the future through AAW!

TREY BREWINGTON – Works on Young Life staff in Blount County and is specifically working at Alcoa High School. He has the ability to build relationships quickly and brings the fun in any setting! He has a heart for serving and loving young men and I am excited about the partnership I get to have with Trey and Young Life Blount County!

BEYOND grateful to serve alongside these amazing people! All Are Worthy would not be successful with out the dedication and love that these leaders pour into our young people each week!