How We Are Building Community

High School Ministry

We love high school students and we love the Alcoa community! We believe that these 4 years are some of the most pivotal years for teenagers and as they continue to grow, gain more independence, and make choices that will change the trajectory of their lives, we hope to create a safe and loving community for them to belong to and grow in.

Intentional Gatherings & Small Groups

We gather each week for community building activities & small group discussions. These discussions are intended to create a space for students to read & discuss scripture together & discover what they believe it means as an individual, as a group & how that translates into their day-to-day lives.

Doing Life Together

The main focus of our ministry is building & cultivating relationships. Although we believe weekly gatherings are essential to building community, the majority of our weeks are spent going where young people are & celebrating them as they do what they love to do. We have quickly developed a culture of fun & inclusion that has strengthened the bonds within our group & welcomed new friends into the AAW family!

Serving Together

One of our biggest goals is to create a culture of loving & serving our neighbors through intentional service projects & community outreach. We serve as a group at least once a month.

Community Partnerships

We intend to partner with and connect our students to local churches, ministries and community leaders who have a heart for the Alcoa community and resources that can help our students be successful in every aspect of their lives. We believe the more people connected to and pouring into our young people THE BETTER!