High School Ministry

We love high school students and we love the Alcoa community! We believe that these 4 years are some of the most pivotal years for teenagers and as they continue to grow, gain more independence, and make choices that will change the trajectory of their lives, we hope to create a safe and loving community for them to belong to and grow in.


All Are Worthy will dedicate, at least, one day a week to intentional community time which will include, fun, fellowship, group activities, a shared meal and small group time. Small group time is an opportunity for students to engage in conversation about their personal lives, the world around them and how Jesus fits into all of that! Our goal is for young people to not only grow as individuals, but grow in their walk with Jesus!


Intentional community time is so important, but the majority of the week will be spent going where young people are and continuing to cultivate relationships and celebrate students doing what they love. AAW staff and volunteers want to show up and cheer on Alcoa students in their day-to-day lives.

Young Adult Ministry

Once students graduate from high school and begin to navigate life post-secondary, there are not many opportunities for them to be a part of positive community and relational ministry. We want to continue walking alongside our young adults as they navigate college, joining the workforce, starting a young family or any other major life changes.


All Are Worthy plans to provide a space for young adults, ages 18-23, to gather regularly for intentional community time that is more catered to the needs of young people in this age group.


Our goal for our young adults is for them to play a significant role in high school program times, serve as a mentor for the younger students and ultimately become leaders in their everyday lives. We want to provide leadership and discipleship training for young adults along with continued program opportunities. This will allow them to continue to be discipled through AAW while also coming alongside younger students to begin encouraging, celebrating and mentoring them along their journey.

Missions & Outreach

All Are Worthy intends to be a family-like group that gathers for intentional community time throughout the week, but who also pours back into our Alcoa neighborhoods. Our goal is to have young people, in the Alcoa community, serving the neighborhoods they live in and using their gifts, talents and passions to make the world they live in a better place.

We want to allow students to share ideas for community service projects, connect with and serve alongside other leaders in Alcoa, while also planning and providing opportunities to serve people in other parts of the country and around the world through mission work and projects.


As we develop strong personal relationships with students, we want to help them be successful in every aspect of life. As they begin making the transition out of high school, our staff and volunteers want to help prepare them for whatever they plan to do post-secondary and connect them to the resources that will benefit them the most.

We plan to do this through connections and partnerships with other Alcoa community leaders, churches and organizations.


  • Filling out the FAFSA
  • Applying for college or trade school
  • Resume Writing
  • Job Interview Practice
  • Mental health attention
  • Basic needs assistance

Our ministry goal is to serve each student holistically through relationships, connections and community.