All Are Worthy is focused on impacting our youth to become leaders and influential role models to the people of their generation. In order to do so, they must first learn to appreciate and care for themselves. Our group made envelopes filled with words of encouragement, scriptures, positive affirmations and even things they can physically do when they are feeling or going through specific struggles.

The idea is to have these envelopes somewhere safe where they can open and read them whenever they need them. Our kids loved doing it and they actually wrote encouraging notes to add to their friends envelopes. Not only did they help themselves they helped those around them!

This was one of our last meetings of the school year so we wanted them to take something with them to remind them of truth and bring them encouragement as they start their summer. We believe it will benefit them greatly to have their own words written out to help them progress through their daily lives and difficult situations. We are always so inspired by the strength and compassion of this group!