Mental Health is something that is often overlooked in our society. We at All Are Worthy believe that taking care of your mental health is not only very important, but should be done frequently.

We have started to dedicate one gathering a month for our kids to have a “mental health day” where they get to do stress-free activities and get to forget all of the problems they may face.

We had some gifted painters showcase their talents and create some art. Moro’s creative idea to use gloves and paint his piece with his fingers was one of the favorites.

We also had some gifted tennis players showing off their inner Serena Williams skills. Tennis has also become an every week activity after our small groups.

We also had a few tie dye shirts made and wanted to show off some more paintings.

Mental health day is always a favorite day because it allows these kids to be able to be kids and enjoy some of the simple things we often times overlook. It is very important to take care of yourself so we encourage you to do some of these as well!