During Easter, we did our annual scavenger hunt. We dyed eggs, wrote words that negatively affect our world, made a small skit, washed each other’s hands, made words of encouragement for strangers and made crosses from nails and string. We wanted to read through the Easter story in a more creative way so the students could be more interactive and apply the different parts and scriptures to their personal lives.

Dying eggs was very fun, but also very messy. It was our intro to the scavenger hunt and worked perfectly because of how focused everyone was to make the best egg.

Here we wrote negative things that impact our world. The sins committed in the early days forced Jesus to sacrifice himself in order to save us. Although he saved us and we can be forever in heaven, we still commit sin everyday. We wanted to highlight the major ones that impact all of us, but know only through Christ may we be forgiven.

We also wiped each other’s hand as Jesus washed his disciples feet. I do not think anyone wanted to see or wash feet, but we wanted them to experience serving one another in this way. It shows humility and understanding of how a person as powerful as Jesus was still so humble and loving.

After reading scripture, we did two things. We wrote some words of encouragement on sticky notes for those walking in the park to grab as they needed and we also made our own crosses out of nails. They did such a great job throughout the scavenger hunt and they took a lot of good things from it. The main thing being that humility, love, and compassion can change the world and make big impacts in the lives of the people around us!