All Are Worthy recently held a fundraiser dinner at the Blount County Library. It was so beneficial not only for the kids to get an experience like this, but also gave people from our community a chance to meet and interact with the students. We are appreciative all of those who were able to make it!

Pictured above are a couple of our set up stations and the students working to help put them together. Also, there is a group photo featuring our Board of Directors! We are so appreciative of all the work they did to help make this event happen.

Here is where we had the kids actually go to different tables and interact with the adults. We wanted those in attendance to get the opportunity to have conversations and ask the students questions about their experience with AAW, their dreams for the future and how it has impacted them. It is so important for the voices of our young people to be heard and everyone in attendance enjoyed this time the most!

Here are just some fun photos of the kids and some leaders! We had such a great time and it was our first fundraiser event so we did not know what to expect, but we felt so blessed by those who supported AAW with their time and financial gifts. Looking forward to more fundraiser events in the future!

If you were not able to attend our event, but are interested in learning more about or supporting our All Are Worthy ministry you visit our website at and you can keep up with all the fun on our instagram account: and on our facebook page: .