It is the end of the year! We are so proud of our kids and what they have accomplished this semester and we are so excited to share what they have done! However, we would like to show how creative are kids are at dressing up for the prom.

Here goes some of our handsome young men looking fresh! I loved the versatility from all of them and you can tell the different personalities through the different looks.

Look at our beautiful ladies and how incredible they look! It is so amazing how much these young women have grown in front of our eyes in the past two years. It is sad to see some of them go, but we are excited to see what they do in their lives.

As I conclude our Prom 2023 journey I would love to add some of my favorite photos. We have the AAW dates and also some of our leaders with the kids. We love our kids outfits this year, but can not wait to see what they pull off next year!