All Are Worthy is back and so is the blog post. We have been so busy having fun that we forgot to let you all know what we have been doing! We want to shine light on the best moments from August!

We had an All Are Worthy field day with many games including tug of war, egg toss, three leg race, dizzy bat relay, and sack race. Even though Maggie’s team won the overall event, I think everyone won because of all the fun we had! Also, the old men had to teach the kids that they still got it and had to beat them in a tug of war match.

The second week of August was our tie dye and bracelet making night! This is one of the best days because we get to see the creativeness of all the kids. The shirts turned out so good and they all loved their shirts. It is so fun to see them wearing their shirts at school and out in the community!

The third week was one of the most competitive events in AAW history. The scavenger hunt was so much fun because of how bad everyone wanted to win. We did an art design themed around AAW, made an album cover, leader fashion show, TikTok challenge, poetry contest, baby picture recreation, leader impersonation challenge, and several more fun and creative challenges!

The last week was everyone’s favorite event. The water war we had at Jamie’s house! We did the watermelon explosion challenge with rubber bands and had to unfreeze a t-shirt and be the first team to put it on. We played a water trivia game and some water dodgeball, but it quickly just turned into a full out war! I think the best thing about the war was the fact that Tyren did not get wet the whole day, but made sure everyone else did!